Drug Delivery Laboratory
Drug Delivery Laboratory
Principal Investigator
Rachit Agarwal
Assistant Professor: current
Postdoctoral Associate (Georgia Institute of Technology): 2013-2017
Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin): 2009-2013
B.Tech. and M.Tech (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur): 2004-2009
publications (CV)
Research Staff

Edna George
Research Associate
PhD. Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
email: ednageorge@iisc.ac.in
Pallavi Raj Sharma
Ph.D. Scholar
B.Tech Biotechnology, JUIT, Himachal Pradesh
email: sharma.pallaviraj@gmail.com
Ameya Dravid
Ph.D. Scholar
B.Tech Biotechnology, VIT University, Vellore
email: dravidameya@gmail.com
Kaamini MD
Ph.D. Scholar
Bachelor of Dental Surgery,
The Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai
M.Tech Biotechnology, Amity University, Gurgaon
email: drkaaminimd@gmail.com
Vishal Gupta
Ph.D. Scholar
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, NIT Patna, 2013
Professional Experience - Assistant Manager at Bharat Petroleum - 2013-18
email: gowrivishalguptakolluru@gmail.com
Rajesh Yadav
Ph.D. Scholar
M.Sc. Biotechnology, IIT Bombay
email: rajesh.t.yadav169@gmail.com
Project Assistants, Interns, Temporary visitors and Secretarial Assistant
Yeswanth Chakravarthy Kalapala
Project Assistant
MRes Cancer Biology, Imperial College London
email: yeswanthkalapala@gmail.com
Abhirami PS
Project Intern
5th year student
IISc Bangalore
email: abhiramips@iisc.ac.in
Soumyadeep Naskar
Project Intern
5th year student
IISc Bangalore
email: withsoumya7924@gmail.com
Latha N.
Secretarial Assistant
IISc Bangalore
email: lathan@iisc.ac.in
Shalini C
Project Assistant
MS Biology (Immunology and Cancer Biology)
Université Grenoble-Alpes, Grenoble
email: shalini7293@gmail.com
Smriti Agarwal
Project Assistant
B.Tech Biotechnology, VIT University, Vellore
email: smriti08agarwal@gmail.com
Chriset Jayaraj (Clinical Research Intern, May 2018); Current Position: MBBS, CMC Vellore

Priyanka Padwal (Post-doc, May-December 2018); Current Position: Global Scientific Advisor with Novo Nordisk Service Centre (India) Private Ltd.